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National sales: 1.910.186,19 €
International sales: 2.587.764,26 €
Languages: English and French
Tel.: +34 (9) 73 79 60 43
Fax: +34 (9) 73 79 62 83

184 members
527,59 Has. of crops
9.254.000 kg of fruit
14.500 m2. of warehouse
150 Tons packed per day
Classification/packing: 4 and 9 lines
Cold storage:5.500 Tons
Precooling: air forced humid

Pear: (Llimonera, William's, Barlett, Ercolini, Blanquilla, Devoe, Conferenç, Alexandrina, Flor d’Hivern)
Apple: (Galaxy, Golden, Granny Smith),
Peach: (Royal Glory, Summer Rich, Merryl O'Henry, Ryan Sun)
Nectarine: (Big Top,Red Diamond,Venus,Fairlane).

Brands: Aveca S. Coop, Verge Fruits, Aveca plus
Sales from January to December.
Market: Markets and national wholesalers, U.E., Countries of the east and overseas.
Presentations: product in bulk, colored tray of plastic, transparent plastic basket, basket with volduc tape handles, mesh coating, bar code labels of being pre-packed.
General packed: plastic box, returnable plastic box, wood box, cardboard box wood, palot of wood, box of cardboard, "cubre" of mesh.
Commercialization and export of fruits
Due to our zone of production, our company can offer to all their customers a great variety of products. We count with classifiers of the most advanced technologies that allows us to offer an extense gamma of presentations